Each year we find ourselves faced with another homeless family in crisis. Last year we were able to get the Dashiels family of five on their feet and in a 12 month housing assistance program through Arundel House of Hope. 

This year through our street outreach program, Angels of Addiction, we became aware of a family of 8 living in a van off Wilkens Ave. With kind donations we were able to get the family into a hotel for 6 weeks over the holidays. The kids were enrolled back in school and bus setup to pick kids up from the hotel. The family has been provided resources for social services and housing assistance. Now it is time for the family to use these resources to get themselves on their feet. 

With the Homeless Family Fund we are able to reach out and help in these emergency situations. Our goal is to help bridge the gap until families get housing. It is then up to the families to take the proper steps once they have the tools needed for jobs and housing.

Help with local Homelessness