P R O G R A M :  F O O D  B R I D G E
Bridging the Food Gap in Our Community
www.MyFoodBridge.org is a logistical solution that connects food distributors with excess food to local non profits in need of food. We were inspired to create a solution after seeing quality food is sent to the landfill while our neighborhoods and non profits are food insecure. 

P R O G R A M : T H E  F O O D  P R O J E C T
Empowerment Through Food

U Empower of Maryland's "The Food Project" brings culinary skills, job opportunities, sustainable food sources, mentorship & hope to the youth of South West Baltimore. With your support we can empower futures together.

P R O G R A M : F A M I L Y   R E L I E F
Hands Up for Emergencies

Each year we find ourselves faced with another homeless family in crisis. 2014 we were able to get a family of five on their feet and in a 12 month housing assistance program through Arundel House of Hope. In 2015 we worked with a family of 8 living in a van off Wilkens Ave. With kind donations we were able to get the family into a hotel for 6 weeks over the holidays. 

We are grateful to be working with HCAM to provide housing for homeless families in the South West neighborhood we serve. We celebrate in 2017 as our 3rd homeless family is being blessed with a permanent address.  Where we can we guide the families in the steps to gain or keep housing. Relief can also include  rent, utilities, motel, food, transportation, funeral costs or phone.

With the Family Relief Fund we are able to reach out and help in these and other emergency situations. Our goal is to help bridge the gap in hard times.

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