The Food Project

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UEMPOWER of MD's "The Food Project" brings cooking & restaurant skills, job opportunities, sustainable food sources, mentorship & hope to the youth of South West Baltimore. With your support, HUNDREDS of elementary, middle & high schoolers can have empowered futures.


  • Cooking (Cooking & Healthy After School Snacks with Guest Chefs) 
  • Urban Farming (BeMoreGreen STEM program w/ Dominic Nell) [learn more]
  • Food & Farming Literacy Program (YouthEmpower w/ Michelle)
  • “Table Talks” (Mentoring with Making of a Man with Melvin & Tavon)
  • Jobs & Restaurant for the Community (Nalley Fresh)

To help bring wonderful programs like this to our young people, we need equipment, space & support!  Won't you PLEASE donate just $10 NOW to help the most needy parts of our city? 

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