Help empower Baltimore youth through culinary skills, job opportunities, sustainable food sources, mentorship, and hope by supporting "The Food Project" Today:

Sponsor a YOUTH for 1 week at The Food project $50
Sponsor a Monthly Community Meal $250
Sponsor Food Production Job Training $600

Other ways to help:

Food Donations
Donation of the food for the cooking classes on an ongoing basis.  

Guest Lecture
Guest lecture on your aspect of the industry; present training, internship opportunities; PT job opportunities, etc. to the extent you have or might offer such.

Round Up Program
Restaurant owners can participate in our Round Up program adding $.25 to each check helping to support The Food Project on a monthly basis. [ LEARN MORE ]

Microgreens - Offer potential distribution of City Weeds’ microgreens, with favorable economics and a willingness to accept micros from varying branded producers; this would support jobs/income for the neighborhood beyond farmers’ markets.

Prepared Food - Once the kitchen is open we can begin to set up a social enterprise where we can start to produce food that can be sold to local corner stores and business partners. Profit would go back into funding The Food Project. 

Supplies Needed

NOTE: All donations are tax deductable. U Empower of Maryland is a non-profit organization with 501(c) (3) statuts