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How to Support

Food Donations
Donation of the food for the cooking classes on an ongoing basis.  

Guest Lecture
Guest lecture on your aspect of the industry; present training, internship opportunities; PT job opportunities, etc. to the extent you have or might offer such.

Youth Sponsorship
Sponsorship of a youth for an 30 day kitchen training & ServSafe certification

Module Sponsorship
Sponsor a Food Project curricular module on an ongoing basis.
Ex. Cooking, Farming, Table Talks, etc.
($1,500 per 8 week module)

Corporate Sponsorship
Sponsor the full Food Project Programing for 8 weeks.
($13,500 per Full Session)

Transition Kitchen Sponsorship
Sponsor the 30 day Culinary Training for up to 20 people.
($5,000 per month)

Food Production Sponsorship
Help us get the social enterprise of SeedyNutty off the ground. Producing this healthy snack would help create jobs, build a business and pride for the community.
($24,000 would cover the first year’s expenses)

Round Up Program
Restaurant owners can participate in our Round Up program adding $.25 to each check helping to support The Food Project on a monthly basis. [ LEARN MORE ]

Microgreens - Offer potential distribution of City Weeds’ microgreens, with favorable economics and a willingness to accept micros from varying branded producers; this would support jobs/income for the neighborhood beyond farmers’ markets.

Prepared Food - Once the kitchen is open we can begin to set up a social enterprise where we can start to produce food that can be sold to local corner stores and business partners. Profit would go back into funding The Food Project. 

NOTE: All donations are tax deductable. U Empower of Maryland is a non-profit organization with 501(c) (3) statuts